If you’re searching for methods to advertise relaxation and also a feeling of calm to aid you take care of the pains of maternity, this collection of home prenatal yoga workouts I discovered on the Tonic channel on YouTube is for you!

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There are different yoga exercise workouts for all the various phases of your pregnancy, along with your various needs. Simply ensure to seek advice from your OB/GYN prior to trying any one of these exercises to guarantee it’s risk-free for you as well as your baby.

1. Pregnancy Yoga: Episode 1

A novices guide to maternity yoga.

2. Pregnancy Yoga: Episode 2

Teaches you how you can do a standing flow.

3. Pregnancy Yoga: Episode 3

Geared towards your third trimester.

4. Pregnancy Yoga: Episode 4

Teaches you yoga methods to assist with the irritation of pregnancy.

5. Pregnancy Yoga: Episode 5

Tips for relaxation, breathing, and maintaining a sense of calm.

6. Pregnancy Yoga: Poses To Create Room In The Body

7. Energising Circulation- Pregnancy Yoga

8. Pregnancy Yoga exercise – Toughness and Stability

9. Maternity Yoga – Vinyasa Flow

10. Maternity Yoga exercise: Birth Preparation

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