I have no idea concerning you, yet I’m not a significant fan of autumn. Certain, I appreciate watching the fallen leaves alter different colors, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte, and wearing warm cosy coats and also beautiful knee-high boots, however the arrival of the cooler temperature reminds me that chilly and also influenza period is simply nearby, which consequently makes my stress and anxiety go via the roof.

I’m not exactly sure when my worry of germs started, but I find it has actually gotten so a lot worse currently that I’m a mommy, as well as while I would like to bathe my wonderful bear in bleach a million times a day to prevent her getting ill, I attempt actually hard to allow her be a child without hovering over her with antibacterial wipes in my hands.

Now, I possibly would not be so uptight about her getting ill if she voluntarily took medication when she didn’t really feel well, however after it took THREE GROWNUPS to obtain a dose of meds down her throat last winter, I’m a lot more frightened of exactly what this period needs to offer.

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The excellent news is that I’m a very resourceful person, as well as after poking around on Pinterest, I have actually found some wonderful all-natural cool and also influenza remedies for youngsters that should aid provide her some alleviation when she’s really feeling poorly. And given that I understand I’m not the only moms and dad who struggles to obtain medications right into her kids (and that isn’t really a fan of medicine to begin with), I thought I would certainly discuss my favorites with all you.

But before I do that, I do wish to advise you that I am NOT a doctor as well as prompt you to consult your pediatrician or GP prior to making use of any of these solutions on your kids (or on your own!).

Good good luck and also here’s to a happy and also healthy autumn and also winter!

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1. Winnie the Pooh Honey [Hunny] Pops (Carolyn’s Homework)

2. Elderberry Syrup (Wellness Mama)

3. Cinnamon Milk (Herb Mentor)

4. Sinus Bomb (Saved By Grace)

5. Homemade Vicks Vapo Rub Bath Gel (My Frugal Journeys)


6. Ill Day Playdough (Genuine Food Registered Nurse)

7. Homemade Electrolyte Popsicles (Don’t Tinker Mother)

8. Honey as well as Cinnamon (Baby Savers)

9. Cold as well as Influenza Alleviation Smoothie (Youthful and also Attract)

10. Child Detoxification Bathroom (Brown Thumb Mom)

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