One of the hardest parts of taking on a healthier way of life, in my opinion anyhow, is trying not to eat after supper. There’s simply something so reassuring regarding huddling on the sofa with a bag of chips or a bowl of gelato after a lengthy day, and while I have actually done a rather great task of curbing my demand for late night snacks, there are times when a glass of water or a stroll around the block won’t cut it, as well as I merely have to eat something while we’re seeing Homeland on Netflix.

The great news is that my decision to be a healthier variation of myself has made me a lot more disciplined in what I eat, as well as while I still indulge every now and then, I make certain I’m always prepared when those late-night hunger pains struck so I don’t consume an entire day’s well worth of calories in one sitting.

And given that I understand I’m not the only gal that is on the quest for healthy treats that won’t destroy my fat burning initiatives, today I’m joining the fantastic people at goodnessknows to share 5 of my favored healthy and balanced snacks under 200 calories.



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If you haven’t currently made the switch from normal to Greek yogurt, you’re really missing out. Greek yogurt is not just creamier and more delicious, however it’s likewise packed with healthy protein to assist you feel complete. I constantly choose the level, fat-free alternatives to make sure that I’m not losing my fat, sugar, and calorie intake on one treat, but I seasoning things up by including a cup of blueberries. It’s delicious!

1 mug of blueberries + 1 offering of fat totally free Greek yogurt = 185 calories


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Whenever I go with a late evening run to clear my head after a stressful day, I generally get hold of a banana and a tablespoon of organic peanut butter as a post-workout treat. I locate the carbohydrates from the banana quickly boost my power degrees, as well as the healthy protein from the peanut butter is merely enough to keep me really feeling full till breakfast.

1 banana + 1 tbsp organic peanut butter = 189 calories


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When I’m craving something crunchy (read: potato chips), I typically choose a few carrot sticks dipped in hummus. This high fiber treat is likewise loaded with healthy protein, which makes me really feel full, and also after reading that monounsaturated fats (found in the sesame seed butter utilized to make hummus) assistance minimize stomach fat, it’s my new favored treat!

2 big carrots + 1/4 cup hummus = 169 calories


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On nights I seem like eating something salty, I promptly grab a container of reduced fat cottage cheese. This high healthy protein snack contains vitamin B-5, which assists your body reply to tension, and by including fresh peach slices on the top, it’s the best means to fend off hunger.

1/ 2 cup low fat cottage cheese + 1 tool peach = 140 calories


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When my craving for sweets gets going and could not be tamed with a spoonful of peanut butter or a mug of blueberries, I constantly get hold of a goodnessknows snack square. Have you ever tried one? It’s a scrumptious and also remarkably pleasing snack that is crafted with the goodness of entire nuts, genuine fruits, toasted oats, and also dark delicious chocolate with no artificial different colors, tastes, or sweeteners.

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Goodnessknows snack squares been available in 3 delicious tastes (cranberry, almond, dark chocolate// apple, almond as well as peanut, dark chocolate// peach as well as cherry, almond, dark delicious chocolate), as well as each bundle is split right into 4 snackable squares that are roughly 40 calories each, for an overall of 150 calories each package deal. Each offering has 100 milligrams of naturally-occuring cocoa flavanols, which makes them the ideal reward to please your chocolate food craving without undermining your effective weight loss efforts.

I especially love the cranberry, almond, as well as dark chocolate taste, however I’ve never satisfied a goodnessknows treat square I really did not enjoy.

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I’m so fired up this delicious snack is currently offered all over the country, and also ensure to maintain our kitchen appropriately equipped so we never ever run out, since you never know when that chocolate food craving is visiting hit …

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