I don’t know about you, however I dislike the month of February.

A lot.

There’s just something so chilly as well as dreary as well as miserable about it, as well as though I know springtime will certainly soon be upon us and also we’ll lastly have the ability to put our thick coats as well as salt-soaked boots away for 6+ months, I am officially fed up.

And while I want to assume I’ve been doing a pretty good work of maintaining my winter months blues at bay for the last couple of months, I have actually been actually struggling for the last number of weeks. I’m worn out, I’m cranky, I have no energy when I visit the gym, my skin looks pasty and also pale, and also I’m quite conveniently distracted.

( In the time it took me to write the last ONE HUNDRED+ words, I’ve bought 2 skirts I don’t need, viewed 3 hair tutorials on YouTube, as well as checked my Facebook feed at the very least a loads times …)

Now, my husband would certainly assert that I’m ALWAYS in this manner, which there’s no need to be alarmed with my short-tempered moods and net shopping, yet when I denied a shopping mall date with my BFF in support of a mid-day of enjoying Peppa Porker re-runs last weekend, I recognized something wasn’t right.

So while my hubby was gladly enjoying poker on TELEVISION later that night (yawn …), I grabbed my computer as well as began to do some study, as well as after undergoing THIS IRON DEFICIENCY SIGNS AND SYMPTOM LIST on The Iron Maiden, I was surprised to see the number of signs and symptoms I have.

workout programs


I constantly associate wintertime with rest, and while I still believe there’s a link between the frigid temperature levels as well as my need to remain under our down quilt as long as humanly possible every early morning (thank benefits for these incredible running late hairdos!), chronic exhaustion is one of one of the most usual signs and symptoms of iron shortage. So if you’re feeling more sluggish than typical, it’s worth a journey to your doctor to get your iron levels checked!


While I enjoy viewing YouTube tutorials and buying for garments I do not need online, I am in fact TRULY disciplined with just dealing with my computer system when my little girl is either at preschool or resting since I do not desire her childhood years memories to be of me being frequently sidetracked. But for the past few weeks, it’s taking me twice as long as typical to obtain things done, and also while I understand most of us undergo periods where we’re less productive than typical, I was truly shocked to find there’s a link between iron shortage and also concentration.


I always assumed my emotional outbursts were ONE HUNDRED% due to my hormones, however it turns out there is also a link in between impatience and iron deficiency, so if you need me, I’ll be munching on bowl of spinach …


While lack of sunlight clearly leads to a paler complexion in the winter season months, absence of iron likewise contributes, so I’m wishing that bowl of spinach will certainly likewise include a little life to my skin!


I have been functioning out religiously 5+ days a week for the last 6 months approximately, and also while I continue to push myself to obtain in 30 mins of cardio most days, I have truly been having a hard time to obtain with my exercises lately, which is very unlike me. Yet reduced workout tolerance can be triggered by a lack of iron, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my dip in motivation could be fixed.


While every one of the signs and symptoms over have been troubling me, I might quickly describe them all away by criticizing the winter, lack of sunlight, and also my hormonal agents, however when my fingernails started splitting and my hair palled and drab, I knew I had to do something since I enjoy nail gloss as well as having fun with my hair way also much!

So during the last week or two, I have actually doing a bunch of peeking about on The Iron Maiden, as well as after checking out a bunch of various short articles on the website, I not only know exactly how I can include even more iron into my diet plan, however I likewise recognize which foods to stay clear of so I could enhance my body’s capacity to absorb the iron I’m consuming.

And guess what?

With a few additions (oatmeal, spinach, and also beans) as well as a few decreases ( coffee, red wine, and also cheese), I’ve discovered a SUBSTANTIAL change in not only my power levels, but additionally my mood.


If you assume you might have an iron shortage, GO HERE for a list of iron deficiency symptoms in adults.

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If you’re trying to find a listing of things to prevent in order to help enhance your iron absorption, CLICK HERE.

What shocked YOU most regarding the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency?

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: If you believe you have an iron shortage, please speak with your doctor before making any type of dietary modifications and/or taking supplements.

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