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I was 7 years old the initial time I flew in an aircraft, and even though I have had a problem with a worry of flying for the majority of my life, I have not enabled it to get in the method of my love for taking a trip. I’ve been to some very fantastic areas throughout my life – Singapore, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Hungary, Austria, as well as Italy to name a few – and could talk your ear off concerning all of the great points I have actually been privileged sufficient to experience, and which ones I advise the most.


But with chilly and also flu season after us, those stories can wait. All that matters if you have travel strategies in the not-so-distant future is how you can remain healthy and balanced to ensure you obtain the most out of your journey, so today I am coordinating with the wonderful individuals from Emergen-C Chewables ® to share 7 of my best suggestions to remain healthy while traveling.


I know. I understand. I utilized to obtain inflamed when people constantly reminded me to remain hydrated, as well, yet when I (ultimately) took on the trend of drinking 8+ glasses of water a day, I was amazed at just what a difference it actually makes in terms of exactly how I look (much less bloat as well as more clear skin) and how I really feel (more energy, less tiredness, and also weight loss). I locate correct hydration is much more important when we’re traveling, especially if we’re in a hot climate and/or intend on indulging in a couple of late-night mixed drinks. If left neglected, dehydration can be a really significant medical problem, so consume alcohol up and do your best to stay clear of a journey to the Emergency Room because of carelessness!


While we’re on the subject of hydration, one point I could not emphasize enough is the importance of going with MINERAL WATER when you’re traveling. This possibly isn’t needed if you’re sticking close to home, however if you’re venturing abroad, bottled water is constantly the smarter option. I go the additional mile and also insist I open mineral water myself to guarantee the seal is undamaged, as well as reject any beverages with ice, including those pool-side margaritas and also daiquiris!


While I’m all concerning making the many of my getaway time as well as attempt to load as long as possible into my time away, I attempt my hardest to obtain sufficient sleep in the days leading up to my vacation so my body doesn’t provide and get ill the moment I start to relax. I additionally make it a factor to get catnaps and slept early when we’re away so I do not collapse when we get home.


Whenever we board an airplane, the first point I do is wipe down the arm relaxes, seat belt fastenings, trays, and also audio/video controls with anti-bacterial wipes. My spouse believes this is absurd and also awkward, and also I commonly get looks from the various other guests (‘ crazy lady in seat 33C!’), yet few points can mess up a household trip more than a belly insect, and I am not going to take the chance.


While I am all for overindulging as well as appreciating myself while traveling, I try my hardest to make healthy and balanced selections for a minimum of 2 of my dishes every day, when we take a trip overseas, I attempt not to be too adventurous with my food choices. I also stay clear of buffets – you never know how old the food is and also could not guarantee the water from the ice within the buffet did not contaminate the food – and also if I’m eating in a local establishment while abroad, I utilize my mum’s buddy’s advice, which is: if you can’t prepare, peel, or steam it, don’t consume it.’


I have actually never ever been huge on taking daily vitamins ( I like to stay healthy through diet regimen, sleep, and also workout), however I do attempt to take immune-supporting supplements during cold weather and also flu period, as well as while taking a trip, in an effort to maintain my body in great shape. The only problem is, I have the tendency to be a bit absent-minded, however many thanks to Emergen-C Chewables, I can take my supplement of choice while on the go.

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Have you became aware of Emergen-C Chewables? It’s a great-tasting nutritional supplement which includes electrolytes, vital nutrients including B vitamins to boost energy normally, immune-supporting vitamin D and antioxidants, zinc as well as manganese, plus 1000mg of vitamin C. And also because they are chewable, you don’t require water to take them, and could conveniently store them in your purse so you can take them when you’re on the go!

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Emergen-C Chewables deal with your body to support your immune system as well as enhance power naturally *, have 2x more Vitamin C than various other immune-supporting chewable items on the market, are suitable for individuals aged 14 as well as older, and also can be enjoyed when you get up, while you’re embeded web traffic, prior to an exercise, level at the article office – the alternatives are limitless.

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* This claim has actually not been evaluated by the Fda. This item is not intended to identify, treat, heal, or prevent any kind of disease.

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I am joining a funded campaign held by Emergen-C. I obtained settlement for this post. While all viewpoints mentioned are my own, I make no settlements about EMERGEN C Chewables as a product or its effectiveness.