I have actually been competing 3+ years now, however it had not been till I ran over 90K throughout the month of May while training for the 10K Run for Heart in memory of my papa that I ultimately seemed like I could possibly use the term ‘long range jogger’ to describe myself. Up till that point, I was only running for satisfaction as well as weight upkeep, and never needed to take care of any one of the adverse effects of running, like the dreadful runners side stitch, muscle pain, swelling, weight gain, and compromised body immune system that include extreme training.

For one of the most component, I was able to fight these points relatively easily. I upgraded my running footwears and began doing appropriate pre- as well as post-run stretches to aid with the muscle pain I was experiencing in my calf bone muscle mass, I tried to rest more to aid combat swelling as well as increase my immunity, and I strove not to recompense my keep up junk food selections to maintain my weight gain to a minimum utilizing the tips in guide Competing Weight: How you can Obtain Lean for Height Efficiency by Matt Fitzgerald. As well as while I didn’t do any one of these things FLAWLESSLY, as well as will certainly need to be a lot more diligent if I ever before locate the nerve to train for a fifty percent marathon, minority tweaks I made certainly made a difference.

But one thing remained to afflict me time as well as time again.

That dreaded side stitch.

It looked like regardless of just how wonderful I felt, and exactly how much I pumped myself for each of my training sessions, I always wound up with terrible side pains that made it hard for me to obtain through the whole run without stopping several times. So I began experimenting with different strategies to try and handle this little problem of mine, and also eventually found 3 points that truly aided me prevent and do away with a side stitch so I could run without pain.


Over the course of my training, I began to discover a pattern in between the intensity of my side stitch and also my pre-run eating practices. I at first began to experiment with the timing of my dishes and also snacks, and quickly found out that was only a little part of the equation. What actually made a difference was WHAT foods I was eating previously striking the sidewalk – the harder the food was to digest, the greater the chance it would create side cramps.

I currently concentrate on high carb, reduced fiber food items before a run like the ones below, and save things like salads with raw veggies for my post-run meals.

-Banana with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
-Greek yogurt and berries
-Whole wheat toast with almond butter
-Oatmeal with sliced banana
-Hard steamed egg with entire wheat toast


Unless I’m taking part in some kind of group exercise, I seldom, if ever, stretch prior to an exercise or run. I am for life strapped for time, so the idea of costs 5+ mins having the tendency to my muscle mass both before and after a sweat sesh has actually always seemed like a substantial waste of initiative to me … although I recognized I was putting myself in danger for injury. When I started getting terrible aches in my calve muscular tissues as I transitioned from treadmill to outside running that threatened to prevent me from running the 10K in memory of my papa, I lastly started to take my running job much more seriously.

I started incorporating a more specified, full-body extending regular into my exercises, and also immediately noticed a distinction. Not just did my calve muscular tissues quit hurting, but I discovered the regularity as well as extent of my side stitches declined once I started extending my top body from side to side with my arms raised above my head before striking the pavement.


While my pre-workout foods and stretches have absolutely made a distinction in aiding me protect against a side stitch prior to it takes place, there are still days when those darn side cramps approach on me as well as intimidate to bring my run to a complete stop, however I just recently bore in mind a suggestion I check out in a publication LOTS OF years ago that has absolutely altered my life.

I can not remember which publication I read this pointer in, but the idea is basic: when a side stitch takes place, simply breathe in normally then breathe out as the foot opposite of your stitch strikes the ground. If the stitch strikes on your ideal side, you breathe out as your left foot strikes the sidewalk or treadmill.

It takes some getting used to at first, however you’ll quickly get into a groove with this strategy and also will certainly be amazed at just how quickly it works in relieving side aches. I find the even more powerful I am when I exhale, the faster the stitch goes away.

The exact cause of side pains is unidentified, however with these 3 basic suggestions, you could decrease the chance that you’ll be struck with a side stitch while running. When life doesn’t go accordingly strategy (as it seldom does), a little heavy breathing will obtain you back on your video game in no time.

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