Today I’m discussing my papa’s solution for treating a hangover, since I figure I’m not the just one who consumed method also many grapes last night.


I first learned this method when I flew back to Singapore for the 50th anniversary of my high school. A number of us had flown around the world for the week-long event, as well as I was privileged sufficient to have broken up with among the greatest losers I’ve ever before dated (2nd just to Douche Rocket) a simple 2 weeks before the trip, leaving me free regime to do whatever the hell I desired while I was there.

And I went wild.

So wild that I wound up with my first ever 2-day hangover.

Have you ever had a hangover that lasted Two Days? It’s beautiful terrible. Particularly when it’s from consuming alcohol a mix of wine, beer, as well as lychee martinis over a 12-hour period.

OMG, I feel sick just bearing in mind it.

Anyway, after attempting every one of my treatments for healing a hangover (Advil, Gatorade, greasy food, bananas, and Pop Tarts) with no good luck, I was starting to get desperate. I had never ever in my whole life been hungover for 2 days straight, and also I was starting to obtain concerned.

Why did I feel so terrible?

Did I have alcohol poisoning?

Would I ever feel human again?

As I was visiting my area to get my handbag so I could possibly take myself to the ER, my dad finally took pity on me and told me a secret.

He’s recognized the most effective remedy for treating a hangover for years.

And since he assumed I would certainly paid my fees for avoiding until 6 am without having the modesty to call and let my moms and dads understand I was still active the day before (whoops!), he chose to discuss it with me.

And because I’m a wonderful person, and also I understand I’m not the only individual who wants she can spend the entire day in bed today, I made a decision to discuss his trick with every one of you.

workout plans

Are you ready for it?


Here’s goes.

My father’s treatment for curing a hangover is, quite just, to pour yourself an additional drink.

And you know what?

It works like a charm.

So if you’re really feeling like hell this morning, seated your partner on the sofa, throw some cartoons on for your children, mix yourself a Bloody Mary or put yourself a glass of sparkling wine, and make my famous blueberry pancakes.

You can thank me later.

Happy New Year, my friends!