Ah, it’s time to obtain my eating back on course after Germany – I am excited to consume house cooked things!

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I have always been a milkshake or smoothie fan. Whenever mum and also dad used to take me out to lunch as a young kid I would always get a big silver cup of chocolate milk as well as a toasted sandwich. I still like “milkshakes”, now I utilize some alternative components plus a daily serving of fruit making them a lot more delicious.

If you have actually followed me for time you will know my inclination is milk alternatives, such as coconut milk. I enjoy the luscious structure and the taste actually brings out the various other active ingredients I include into my breakfast smoothie mixes. It is necessary when you have a liquid morning meal to manage sections, so ensure you determine things out appropriately. I really love that Vitasoy says exactly how numerous calories are in an offering size. There is nothing worse than standing in a supermarket aisle separating things by 4.2 to attempt and also work out how several calories are going to be in points! Just 75 calories in a serving of Vitasoy indicates there’s space to propose your other ingredients.

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Quick little story: I shot Vitasoy’s campaign a couple of years earlier, so currently my household and good friends call it “Ally’s milk” – I’ve consisted of a shot below! Such an enjoyable shoot in Byron Bay!

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For old time’s sake, I thought I would put with each other recipes for “chocolate banana” and “strawberry” milkshakes, still similarly delicious as well as with fruit. These are my “oh-my-god-it’s -7 am-and-I-need-breakfast-now” recipes. I have the tendency to get hold of active ingredients as well as wish for the very best. As well as that is just what these 2 are -the most effective! I love offering them in drink containers as I could take them with me in the car or train when I rest previous my alarm!

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  1. Cocao spread
  2. Coconut milk
  3. Ice
  4. avocado (you just require a teaspoon)
  5. Banana

Blend with each other. Serve over ice. I wager you inhale this! Good!

This kind of tastes like coconut harsh – it’s ridiculous and truly strikes the spot.


  1. Strawberries or whatever berry is in season
  2. Ice
  3. Chia Seeds
  4. Protein Powder
  5. My Skinny Bliss for added nutrients

Blend with each other. Serve over ice. Drain the goodness!

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