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Ok girls, right here’s a topic many of us will certainly want. Many thanks to stars and also their recent fad for bigger backsides as well as enhanced figures, there’s no even more room for the expression “Skinny is pretty”. Essentially every lady I recognize is either wearing butt pad or religiously doing the squat exercise … Do not ask me which I’m doing though.

So the big concern is, would you instead use a butt pad than do squats? Well your hunch is like mine. The adhering to paragraphs will certainly offer us an exposé on the pros and also disadvantages of both.

Butt Pads

For those that desire curves without the hassle or the expense of surgical treatment and the pains of workout, cushioned underwears provide instant results yet they additionally include their drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons-


  • A ‘wear-and-go’ remedy, with no work required on your part.
  • The silicone butt pads seem like a second skin.
  • Even after they are cleaned, sticky bottom pads are still able to easily adhere to a range of materials.
  • Women can experience a boosted shape in seconds with no threat or commitment.


  • The feel of the foam butt pads makes it noticeable that a butt-boosting item is being worn.
  • In order to preserve their form and also adhesiveness, butt as well as hip pads require to be hand cleaned, which also implies they have to be offered time to air completely dry between uses.
  • They might show up when wearing skin tight dresses.
  • The opportunity of the pad moving from its original position is high.
  • You can obtain embarrassed when individuals see and ask if you’re putting on one.


Squats could supply fantastic toughness and also endurance advantages while toning the legs as well as enhancing the butt. Right here are its benefits and drawbacks …


  • You don’t need a fitness center, you don’t have to acquire any equipment, it is exceptionally inexpensive. Exercise could be done virtually anywhere as well as anytime.
  • Doing squat exercises is additionally valuable for other components of your body as well as it assists you melt calories.
  • Squats also include improved posture. Squats are a fantastic method not just to boost your position, but likewise construct better balance.
  • Squats tone your butt, it enhances the muscles on your butt and makes it solid and well rounded.
  • Your upper legs are additionally toned giving you an attractive look.
  • Improves your self-esteem on your appearance.


  • If you’re not made use of to doing them, squats can be harder, compared to you might have thought.
  • The pain after your initial few days of doing squats can be intense and also extremely discomforting.

So, having reviewed this post, which would you rather choose? The uncomplicated and instantaneous transformer (butt pads) or the excruciating, healthy as well as butt enlarging workout (squats)?

Well if you desire a rear to be pleased with any type of day, at any time, as well as most especially in a bikini, I ‘d recommendations Squats!