This week is about discovering your groove and also acquainting on your own with the primary movements you’ll do during the next 4 weeks.

workout regimen


  • stopwatch
  • two cones or markers ( canteen will certainly do)
  • two mats or towels

Find a regional park or oval and also gauge out roughly ONE HUNDRED metres. Location a cone or marker at each end along with a floor covering or towel. The session needs you to surge – think 70 percent of your optimum speed – from one end to the other. At one end, quit and do 10 push-ups. At the various other, do 10 sit-ups. Continue to run backward and forward, boosting sprints with bodyweight steps till you have actually clocked your nominated sets and also reps (see options based upon fitness level). Keep it moving as well as don’t be tempted to down devices during a set, that’s exactly what the 90-second breaks between collections are for!

Option A
x8 reps
4 sets
90 sec recovery between sets

Option B
x6 reps
x3 sets
90 sec recovery between sets

Option C
x4 reps
x4 sets
90 sec recovery between sets