As numerous of you understand, I’ve been on a bit of a wellness kick lately. I run on the treadmill 5+ times a week, I attempt to press in one of these wonderful at-home yoga exercise workouts whenever my partner travels, I eat reasonably healthy foods, as well as I have actually been doing these quick as well as simple butt and also upper leg exercises after lunch most afternoons.

( I’m a lot fun nowadays, aren’t I ??!)

Overall, this modification in lifestyle has been actually great for me. I have a lot more energy, I’m sleeping much better, my clothes fit me, as well as I like exactly what I see when I search in the mirror, however while I’m not one to rest as well as emphasize my imperfections (spoiler alert: that was a lie), I actually desire I can locate the motivation to include an abdominal workout to my routine.

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The only trouble is that sit-ups make me desire to cry, so I have avoided them like the pester because before I could bear in mind, however after viewing a very fit and also beautiful girl at my gym functioning her abdominal muscles STANDING UP a couple of weeks back, I determined to jab about on YouTube and see if I could find any type of at-home abdominal muscle exercises I could stand. I wound up searching for LOTS, yet this Standing Abdominals Workout by FitnessBlender is without a doubt my favorite.

It truly targets my trouble locations without making me scream out suffering, and also since it just takes 10 minutes to do, I could easily squeeze it into my hectic day. And I’m seeing outcomes! Provide it a try and allow me understand just what you think!

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