For as long as I could bear in mind, I have actually hated my legs. My knees are knobbly, my skin is pasty, as well as my upper legs are much to huge for the rest of my body.

Of training course, my spouse thinks this is insane (I love him!), but after weeping in a lululemon modification room after attempting on one of their beautiful Pace Rival Skirts a couple of weeks earlier, I decided it was time to do something.

So I investigated a bunch of various leg workouts in order to help me achieve my goals, and also I at some point chose the 100 Rep Physical fitness Blender or food processor Squat Challenge by FitnessBlender.

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Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking:

100 crouches? Everyday? For THIRTY days? Pfffft …

And I promise you I really felt the precise very same way when I determined to tackle the challenge.

But this exercise is different because it integrates 10 different squat variations with just 10 reps of each, so it doesn’t feel as tedious or unpleasant as doing ONE HUNDRED traditional squats in a row. ? It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the entire exercise, so I could conveniently fit it right into my hectic day, which means there are completely no excuses.

I date you to take the 30-day squat challenge with me!

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