As a dancer-turned-yogi who has constantly had a quite active lifestyle, healthy protein shakes have actually made their method into my hands many times. Healthy protein drinks are made with protein powder, supplements that we could place right into our blenders as well as mix with our favourite fruits. They’re said to enhance athletic performance, offer our bodies with more power as well as assist with weight loss, does it obtain any better?


I’ve never ever taken place one of those shake diets, neither have I been a die-hard “shaker” that consumes alcohol one every single time I exercise, yet I have actually messed around occasionally with wavering point of views. In some cases I felt like they offered me much more power, in some cases I didn’t. A few of my buddies speak highly of them (mainly people, I may include), others never ever drink them in any way. What specifically is the skinny on these “magical” trembles? Are they truly like they claim to be or is everything a health and fitness marketing ploy?


We all understand that protein is important for our bodies, specifically if we’re active. Ideally, adults need to be navigating 45-56 grams of healthy protein per day. Are healthy protein shakes the response? Ads would have us believe so, flaunting supplements including whey, casein, soy, milk, wheat, hemp as well as even more. Each of these has great health and wellness benefits. Soy protein is valuable for cardiovascular health and wellness, whey proteins are high in anti-oxidants as well as increase immune feature, and protein generally advantages physical activity. So without more research study, I would certainly believe, yeah certain, obtain me among those, stat!

Protein Powders

However, with extra research I’m halted right in my tracks. Did you recognize that because healthy protein powders are considered a supplement, they’re not regulated by the FDA (Food and Medication Management)? That’s. And also to fuel your issues, research studies have actually revealed high levels of poisonous heavy metals such as arsenic as well as lead contained in these supplements. As well as with low levels of these contaminants, drinking healthy protein trembles daily can subject your body to harmful degrees. Yikes. A lot of the supplements are also loaded with preservatives, GMOs and fabricated flavours, which is the opposite of healthy and balanced, if you ask me.

Further, there is the possibility of having excessive protein. Protein, in excess, could result in nutrition shortages, elevated threat of heart condition or kidney troubles. If you’re supplementing trembles for your dishes, make certain you speak with a nutritional expert about the very best way to do this.

To Shake or Not To Shake

With all the (instead frightening) details, hopping on the protein shake bandwagon simply does not appear worth it. There are many other ways to get your appropriate protein intake that will not harm your body. Try whole foods that are high in protein such as hemp and also chia seeds, that do not include chemicals, artificial flavours or toxins. This is the cleanest and also healthiest way to obtain protein, especially when you just have no idea just what’s really in the supplements.

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