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We all have that person (or people) in our life that is beyond challenging to buy. Pursuing down a birthday celebration present for them may as well be a journey to discover the Holy Grail. A lot so, that it goes past the world of, ‘Just what do you obtain the individual who has every little thing?’. It is with an aching heart, that I claim the roll of that person within my family.

So naturally, when my auntie asked me what I wanted for Xmas in 2013, I responded with my specification, ‘I don’t really need anything, but a Starbucks present card would be good.’ Like any type of excellent university student and writer, coffee makes up about 80% of my bloodstream. She had not been pleased with that solution. After informing me I was uninteresting, she said she would certainly figure something out. Something I ‘d never even heard of.

Cue: UrthBox, a site that mails you healthy and balanced snacks every month. When I would certainly gotten an email about my three month subscription, I figured it was either: A) an error the company had made, or B) a secret admirer (it was neither). My aunt had done well in her goal of getting me something one-of-a-kind, as well as I currently I had the ability to delight in trendy, brand-new, healthy and balanced treats, provided right to me. A totally win/win, right?

Urthbox has a very one-of-a-kind system. You selected exactly how much snackage you desire. UrthBox provides four dimensions of boxes, Mini (6+ items), Little (12+ products), Tool (17+ products), and Large (24+ products). Then, you selected the quantity of time you desire to receive your membership. The choices are 3 months, 6 months, and a year. So far, so good.

They then ask you to choose a group which your treats will fall under, Classic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Diet. I was torn in between diet regimen and also traditional, since I had not been sure if one alternative consisted of more healthy and balanced foods than the various other. After Googling my heart out to see what each box would consist of, I only discovered one review of both of them. I picked Standard, it looked like it had generally more variety, and also the snacks were still healthy and balanced. My 3 month, Tiny sized, Classic box was prepared to go! I would certainly be obtaining the initial shipment in February.

This is the component that shook my cage a little. For the dimension and also regularity of my order, the total amount involved $60. Possibly it’s simply me, but I seemed like that was a little too costly for simply 12 items that can be just granola bars for all I recognized. Full disclosure: my auntie acquired my subscription with a site that provides or else high valued items at a discount rate, so she did not pay the complete cost. Now I was even more determined and excited to see what would certainly come to my door come February.

When I opened it, this was what I found:


I have actually written a listing of all the items that were in my February box, along with their dimensions and also retail worth. Let’s see exactly what these healthy foods are all about.

Inka Corn – 4oz, $15.99 for 6pk

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I ‘d never seen Inka Corn prior to, so I was beyond pumped about this product. And it definitely did not dissatisfy. These roasted huge corn kernels were merely the ideal amount of salted and also crispy. And also because they were so big, a handful was a good sufficient treat for me. I began to crave them. When my bag was done, I couldn’t find this brand name in any one of the stores I went to. Luckily, Trader Joe’s sells essentially the exact same product. An 8 oz bag will just cost you $1.79. I acquired the last 4 they had.

Next Organics Dark Chocolate Pretzels – 4 oz,$ 4.39

These were absolutely tasty. I’m a large proponent of anything covered in delicious chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. These crackers made a fantastic reward when those late evening sugary foods yearnings kicked in.

Bare Fruit Salted Caramel Apple Chips – $1.89, 10 count for $25

I’m not a massive follower of dried out fruit, yet there’s a very first time for every little thing. It took me a couple of ‘chips’ to readjust, but after that I was happily biting. The salted caramel flavor wasn’t also strong, so if that’s exactly what you’re searching for in this treat, it could be most ideal to look elsewhere. However if you’re seeking a discreetly pleasant, healthy alternative to a cookie, these apple chips make a terrific fix.

Sunrise Fresh Dried Cherries – 1oz (try dimension) $12.99 for 16oz bag

Once again, I came to grips with the entire dried fruit point. For science, I ate one. The dried out cherry had not been bad, yet I assume I require a lot more baby actions before I make that jump. Rather, I determined to get innovative with this part of my plan. I made oatmeal protein cookies and included the cherries in as an additional flourish. They were wonderful, and the cherries provided the cookie a nice tip of sharp. Possibly following time, dried fruit, maybe following time.

Bumble Bar Organic Energy Bar, Almond – 1.4 oz, $1.99 each or $18.88 for a 12pk.

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I love protein bars. Love love love. They’re an excellent on-the-go snack, plus if you obtain the appropriate ones, they don’t taste like cardboard. For this particular bar, I opened the product packaging as well as was questioning why they ‘d unintentionally sent me birdseed. Yet alas, this was actually the bar. It was mainly composed of sesame seeds, with some chopped up almonds sprinkled through. It had a good vanilla/cinnamon flavor to it, yet I could only eat sesame seeds for so long. My first suggestion off should have been that this bar is gluten cost-free, wheat complimentary, and also dairy products complimentary. There isn’t really much left after that.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts,.5 oz (example dimension) – $15.50 for 1lb bag

This little try bag of hemp hearts was among my favored products from my box this month. Not only had I never consumed them, I had no concept what to do with them! Manitoba has a dish section on their internet site for this kind of circumstance, so I sprinkled them on my spinach salad. They added a good, nutty flavor, which I wasn’t expecting. My next relocation is to place them in a protein shake, because believe it or not, hemp seeds are fairly high in protein.

Shelton’s Pepperoni Flavored Turkey Jerky Stick – 36 matter for $48

Do you ever obtain yearnings for healthy protein? Not the powder per say, however a protein abundant food like jerky? Merely me? Anyhow, this jerky stick was so yummy, as well as was available in convenient when I had not been quite full. It made an excellent snack when I was still doing homework around 9:45 pm, but really did not wish to cook a dish. Plus the pepperoni taste had not been excessively artificial tasting.

Ricky’s Lucky Nuts, Coffee Flavor, 1.75 oz – $1.59 each, $24.00 for 12pk

These coffee cooked peanuts were divine. I do not believe there’s one more method to define them. Extreme yum factor.

Guru Natural Energy Beverage, 8.4 oz – $2.50 each

In lieu of my morning coffee, I grabbed this instead. It was respectable, however the taste is hard to describe. It isn’t really standard like ‘grape’ or ‘lemonade’ flavor like lots of other power drinks. It was wonderful. The can was 100 calories as well as 25 grams of sugar, so if you are going to get one for work, bear in mind that. I’ll get back to you on the energizing part.

Vintage Italia Spicy Tomato Herb Pasta Chips, 2 oz – $2.50 each, $30 for a 12pk of 5 oz bags

I ‘d seen these on sale in delicatessens as well as coffeehouse, yet I ‘d never ever chose one up. The pasta chips were a gotten preference, but I did get made use of to it. I believe my brain was automatically anticipating potato chips. They were evocative a thinner Sunlight Chip to me, and also I’m not certain if I diggin’ the flavor all way too much. But I ‘d be completely ready to see just what they’re garlic olive oil bag preferences like!

Betty Lou’s Ginseng Power Round, 1.4 oz – $1.25 each, $16.09 for 12 count


Well, for one, this treat removed my sinuses in ten seconds flat. The ginseng flavor is solid. The nuts give it a fantastic crunch though, as well as it’s a great treat for when you remain in a pinch. I reiterate: solid ginseng taste. If you’re not really feeling a spicy kick to your day, Betty Lou’s makes these nut spheres in an array of other flavors.

Snap Infusion Supercandy Tart, 1oz – $1.99

I was excited to try these sweets also, which made them even a lot more of an allowed down. They were milky and also reminded me of the vitamins I made use of to take as a youngster. And also you would certainly have to eat the whole bag to get the full dietary dose. Possibly it was merely the tart taste I didn’t take care of, yet I don’t see myself purchasing these in the future. If I desire a dosage of vitamin C, I’ll consume an orange.

Total Box Value: $22.00

Honestly, the February box had me underwhelmed. Some of the items were delicious, however it had not been what I had actually visualized. The overall value just amounted to be a little bit more compared to $20, so I’m still questioning whether the item deserves it or otherwise. Fingers crossed for March to be a little more thrilling!